The Artist

My name is Paige Williams, I was born in New Zealand in 1997 and grew up in Auckland where I currently still reside. My interest in painting began with my Grandfather taking me to painting classes when I was a child. It wasn't until late highschool that I really began to take a deeper interest in painting, creating twisted and shock provoking artworks. My newer works arent as gruesome as they were in my teens, however I still like to add a slight dark touch to my paintings where I can.
Now I work in a small studio set-up painting what interests me at the time, as well as doing commissioned paintings. When I'm not working at home, I'm working at a local framing store where I get to see all kinds of wonderful art.

As of 2019, my family and myself have set up a website called Pic 'n Mix. There we sell limited and open edition prints of all of our work (it's worth checking out I promise).


Social Media

I predominantly use instagram to show what paintings I'm working on as well as any other drawings/experimental artwork.

You can find me on Instagram at @paigey_leigh_w

I also use Facebook from time to time. You can find me on Facebook here.